Getting Started

Starting something new is always hard. Be it a new job, new school, new story, nothing is a difficult as figuring out how you want to begin. But once you get past those awkward first impressions? Well then you’re on a roll, you’ve got some momentum to keep going.

Having just started my second year at university, this concept applies particularly well. My first year at uni was fantastic, but you can’t escape the awkwardness that comes with the combined factors of being a fresher and with being me. Frankly my memories of the first few weeks of being a fresher are a blurry whirlwind of awkwardly asking strangers the same three questions –

  1. What uni are you at?
  2. What are you studying?
  3. What halls are you in?

…as you can imagine these questions don’t lead to the most captivating of conversations. More often than not they just resulted in me nodding my head before sheepishly shuffling off in search of another drink and another stranger to repeat those three questions to.

Going into my second year, i’m rather hoping that i’ve gotten all the awkwardness of starting something new out of the way, leaving me free to document the rest of my uni days here stress free and without any embarrassing encounters.

But let’s be honest, that’s probably just wishful thinking.

– A